About Australian Biosearch

Australian Biosearch supports Australia’s Life Scientists by providing the highest quality products at an outstanding value. Our suppliers offer product ranges that cover a diverse set of research areas including Immunology, Neuroscience, Cancer, Stem Cells, Infectious diseases, and other Life Sciences. To mention a few, the suppliers that we represent include BioLegend, Cell Signalling Technology, Origene, Active Motif, Advanced BioMatrix, ScienCell and OZ Biosciences. Our suppliers offer innovative reagents to study: Cell structure and function, Cell communication and Cell Signalling Pathways, Molecular Biology, Epigenetics, Gene Regulation and Proteogenomics. For more information on each of our supplier, and the product portfolio that we distribute, please visit our website at www.aust-biosearch.com.au
Our staff are scientifically qualified and are highly trained and experienced in providing technical support for the range of products within our portfolio. For all your enquiries please contact our customer service department at the contact information outlined below:
Australian Biosearch Pty Ltd
Email: customerservice@aust-biosearch.com.au
Tel +61 8 9302 2766
Toll free 1800 858 797