Dr. Matteo Gastaldi MD

Dr Matteo Gastaldi is a neurologist and neuroimmunologist currently working in IRCCS Mondino Foundation neuroimmunology laboratory and clinical neurology inpatient unit in Pavia. He got his medical degree (2010) and his specialization in clinical neurology (2016) at the University of Pavia, where he is currently completing a PhD in neurosciences. During the past 3 years he spent 18 months as a research fellow in the Oxford neuroimmunology laboratory and 2 months as a visiting scientist in the Barcelona neuroimmunology laboratory studying diagnostic techniques for the detections of autoantibodies against neuronal antigens. His main research interests are: standardization of the laboratory diagnosis of autoimmune encephalitis; relevance of antibodies against neuronal surface antigens in psychiatric diseases; clinical and immunological correlates of neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorders (NMOSD) and other demyelinating disorders of the central nervous system; prognostic biomarkers in the cerebrospinal fluid of patients with Multiple Sclerosis.