A/Prof. Suzanne Hodgkinson MB, BSFRACP, PhD

Associate Professor Suzanne Hodgkinson is a A/Professor of UNSW Australia and a senior  consultant neurologist at Liverpool Hospital, NSW. She has had a long-standing interest in Multiple Sclerosis and other immune mediated neurological diseases.  She has been a principal investigator in a number of Phase 1,2 and 3 clinical trials into new therapies for multiple sclerosis and CIDP.   She is actively involved in maintaining a research laboratory which studies basic immunological mechanisms involved in autoimmune disease. Her research has  a particular has a focus on immune tolerance and the role of antigen specific T regulatory cells.  A/Prof Hodgkinson has assessed potential new therapies in animal models, some of which are now used clinically.   She has also studied the role of complement in the mediation of demyelination.