Prof. Thomas Korn MD, PhD

Professor Korn is a neuroimmunologist whose research concentrates on T-cell autoimmune reactions in the central nervous system. His work explores the differentiation and plasticity of autoreactive effector T-cells and regulatory T-cells in multiple sclerosis model systems. His aim is to apply the principles of specific immune modulation for therapeutic interventions in autoimmune diseases and chronic inflammation by identifying and validating molecular switches for T-cell differentiation.
Prof. Korn (b. 1972) studied medicine in Würzburg and London and obtained his doctorate in cell biology at the University of Würzburg. After specialist training in neurology in Würzburg and Homburg, he obtained a German Research Foundation (DFG) research grant to spend 3 years working on basic immunological T-cell projects at Harvard Medical School in Boston. After completing his postdoctoral studies in neurology while working as a senior physician in the Neurology Clinic at TUM’s rechts der Isar clinic, he was appointed associate professor of experimental neuroimmunology at TUM in 2010. As of 2015 he is full professor of Neurology and head of the department of Experimental Neuroimmunology.