Prof. Jeannette Lechner-Scott MD

After finishing her medical degree and PhD at the University in Heidelberg she built up a chronic pain clinic at the university hospital of Freiburg in Germany. Already in her early years of training she developed an interest in neurogenetics, which was at the time a rapidly developing field. She then moved to Basel, Switzerland, and joined one of the most proliferative centres in research of multiple sclerosis in Europe. She published a number of peer reviewed articles in the field of MS and became an internationally recognised expert in the field of MS before finishing her specialisation in Neurology. She then moved to Australia following the career of her husband and built an expert MS clinic for the Hunter.  JLS is currently a senior staff specialist at the John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle and a conjoint Professor at the University of Newcastle. Her team of neurologists, fellows and nurses look after over 800 people with MS covering an area the size of England.  Her team includes a number of highly enthusiastic people including one basic research post doc who has received the MSRA fellowship award and a clinical post doc with extensive experience in basic as well as clinical research. The group participates in many international clinical trials and has substantially contributed to large genome wide association studies resulting in several Nature articles. Her international recognition is evidenced by recurrent requests for presentations in the field of MS. Especially in the field of epigenetics the team is world leading, evidenced by request of collaboration with centres from America, Norway, Italy and Sweden.