Dr. Roberta Mazzieri PhD

Since her PhD studies at the University of Pavia (Italy) and during her postdoctoral experiences at the New York University (USA) and San Raffaele Research Institute (Italy), she focused her studies on understanding the tumor microenvironment. In 2013 she was recruited by the University of Queensland (Brisbane) to establish her own research group. By exploiting advanced gene transfer technologies to study the interplay between hematopoietic cells and tumour progression, her group is identifying, characterizing and targeting specific murine and human subpopulation of monocytes (such as the Tie2-expressing monocytes, TEMs) specifically recruited to tumours and endowed with pro-tumoural activity. Her group is exploiting TEMs as therapeutic targets by inhibiting the Tie2/ANG2 pathway or as cellular vehicles to deliver biotherapeutics such as IFNα to tumours and metastasis.