Dr. Anne-Katrin Pröbstel MD

Dr. Anne-Katrin Pröbstel is a clinician-scientist with clinical and research interest in neuroimmunology. She received her MD (2012) and doctoral degree from the Ludwig-Maximilians University, Munich, Germany, where she worked on autoantibodies in pediatric and adult patients with autoimmune central nervous system demyelination. She pursued her residency and clinical training in neuroimmunology at the University of Basel, Switzerland, and continued her research on antibody and antigen-specific B cells with a focus on patients with anti-MOG antibodies. In 2016, she moved to San Francisco, USA, to pursue her postdoctoral fellowship under the co-mentorship of Drs. Sergio Baranzini and Stephen Hauser studying the cross-talk between gut microbiota and B cells in multiple sclerosis.

Her main research interests are elucidating the roles of B cells and antibodies in multiple sclerosis and related disorders, in particular the clinical and immunological characterization of patients with anti-MOG antibodies as well as the interaction of B cells and antibodies along the gut-brain axis.