Prof Jerome De Seze MD, PhD

Jerome de Seze
50 years-old
Professor in Neurology
PhD in Immunology
Head of the Neuroimmunological department of the Strasbourg hospital, specialized in Multiple sclerosis and Neuro-ophthalmology
Head of the clinical research center (CIC) of the Strasbourg hospital
Head of the DHU (Department Hospital/University called Neurogenics).
Co-leader of the research team of biopathology of the myelin neuroprotection and therapeutical strategy (BMNST), INSERM laboratory UMR 1119
President of the French Multiple Sclerosis society

Main interest : clinical and research works in inflammatory and autoimmune diseases of CNS and PNS. Neuro-ophtalmology.

Has published more than 300 papers

10 more relevant papers from the last 5 years :

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