A/Prof. Stephen Reddel MBBS, FRACP, PhD

Stephen Reddel


Stephen Reddel is a staff specialist neurologist at Concord Repatriation & General Hospital Sydney, and consultant neurologist at the Brain & Mind Research Institute, University of Sydney. He trained in neurology at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney, and at the Radcliffe Infirmary, Oxford, and has a PhD in the immunology of the Anti-Phospholipid Syndrome.

He heads the neuroimmunology clinic at Concord Hospital, which specialises in the safe treatment of neurological conditions requiring immunotherapy, including multiple sclerosis, myasthenia gravis, chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy and a host of rarer diseases. He has a longstanding interest in clinical safety, being a member of the hospital clinical council and having submissions included in the Garling report into NSW hospitals. This focus on safety has also included www.immunosuppressionscreen.net , a publically available tool for the safe application of immunosuppression, and in 2014 the Alemtuzumab in MS Safety Study (AMS3), which lead to the development of Bloodwatch and Medical Safety Systems, a multinational medical IT safety company.

Dr Reddel’s academic appointment is Associate Professor, Sydney University where he has been involved in the neurology course development, ensuring standards of sartorial elegance, online lectures and teaching of medical students, post graduate clinical training and post graduate research student supervision.

He has research interests in myasthenia gravis, examining the function of anti-MuSK antibodies and the homeostasis of the neuromuscular junction; in neuroimmunology and MS, and in neurogenetics including the muscular dystrophies and inherited neuropathies. The neuromuscular junction laboratory is located at Sydney University in collaboration with Dr Bill (William) Phillips. Funding support in the last 5 years has included NH&MRC and the muscular dystrophy associations of the USA and NSW. He has published in journals including Brain, Annals of Neurology and Current Opinion in Neurology in this period.