Dr Tanja Kuhlmann MD
University of Münster
Münster | Germany

Dr. Tanja Kuhlmann studied medicine at the University of Göttingen, Germany where she received her medical degree in 1998. She specialized in neuropathology and worked as medical resident and research fellow in different neuropathological departments in Germany and at McGill, Canada in the research groups of Dr. Jack Antel and Dr. Alan Peterson. In 2008, she became senior consultant and associate professor at the Institute of Neuropatholohgy, University Hospital Münster, Germany and in 2020 part-time adjunct professor, Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery, McGill University. Her key research interests are mechanisms leading to axonal and oligodendroglial pathology in demyelinating diseases. In recent years, she focused her research on iPSC technology and the derivation of human CNS cells from iPSC to study disease mechanisms. She has published several publications in well-known international journals on the topic of MS pathology, especially on oligodendroglial loss and remyelination as well as studies using iPSC-derived oligodendrocytes and neurons to understand disease mechanisms in demyelinating and neurodegenerative diseases.