Dr. Veronique Miron PhD
Senior Lecturer and Principal Investigator
The Queen’s Medical Research Institute
University of Edinburgh
Edinburgh | UK

Dr. Veronique Miron is a Senior Lecturer and Medical Research Funded Career Development Fellow at The University of Edinburgh. Her lab’s research focus is on investigating the regenerative properties of inflammation in supporting white matter health, working towards identification of novel treatments for neurological disorders such as multiple sclerosis and cerebral palsy. More specifically, her work has shown that dynamic changes in microglia and macrophage function is critical for efficient myelin regeneration. Recent work from the lab has revealed a novel regenerative factor produced by microglia that controls the oligodendrocyte lineage and white matter repair throughout the lifespan (activin-A), and novel mechanisms that regulate the generation of pro-regenerative microglia to induce remyelination (necroptosis and repopulation). Current work is focused on understanding how these processes are dysregulated when white matter integrity is poor, how to best target these processes therapeutically, and which additional cell types coordinate the activity of microglia in these contexts.