Dr. Jérôme Devaux PhD
Institut de Neurosciences de Montpellier, U1051
Hospital Saint Eloi
Monpellier | France

CNRS staff scientist since 2005, I did my PhD at Aix-Marseille University followed by a post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Pennsylvania. I am interested in understanding the pathogenic mechanisms leading to conduction loss in human demyelinating neuropathies and in understanding the function of axonal voltage-gated potassium channels (Kv). We recently demonstrated that cell adhesion molecules of the nodes of Ranvier, are the targets of autoantibodies in patients suffering from chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy. Using animal models, we showed that these antibodies are pathogenic and affect the structure of the node of Ranvier. These proteins now serve as biomarkers for this pathology and help therapeutic choice. In addition, we have demonstrated that Kv channels (Kv7.2/3 and Kv3.1) are localized at nodes, and that human mutation affect their trafficking or function.