Prof. Hans Lassmann MD
Center for Brain Research,
Department of Neuroimmunology
Medical University of Vienna,
Vienna, Austria

Hans Lassmann is retired Professor for Neuroimmunology and currently works as a research associate at the Center for Brain Research at the Medical University of Vienna, Austria. He studied medicine at the University of Vienna and was then trained in clinical and experimental neuropathology at the Institute of Neurology. This scientific education was complemented by a post-doctoral training in experimental neuropathology and neuroimmunology at the New York State Institute for Basic Research in Developmental Disabilities. He then became the head of a research Unit at the Austrian Academy of Sciences and Professor for Experimental Neuropathology in the University of Vienna. In 1999 he was appointed as full professor for Neuroimmunology at the Medical University of Vienna and as the founding director of the Center for Brain Research. He retired from this position in 2017 and is currently engaged as a research associate in the Department of Neuroimmunology. He has received numerous research wards, including the Charcot award, the research prize of the Sobek Foundation and the International Prize for Translational Neuroscience of the Gertrud Reemtsma Foundation. He is honorary member of the Japanese and the French Neurological Societies and Member of the Austrian and the German (Leopoldina) Academies of Sciences.

Research Focus:

Elucidation of the pathogenesis of inflammatory and neurodegenerative diseases and of the central nervous system by combining neuropathology with immunology, basic and molecular neurobiology, experimental research and advanced imaging (MRI);

Main focus on pathology and pathogenesis of multiple sclerosis and related inflammatory demyelinating diseases.