Prof. Catherine Lubetzki MD, PhD
Sorbonne University
Paris | France

Catherine Lubetzki is professor of Neurology at Sorbonne University, Paris, France.

She is head of the university department of Neuroscience of APHP-Sorbonne University and medical director of Paris Brain Institute. She is or has been involved in several committees and funding boards: member of ECTRIMS (European congress on multiple sclerosis) executive committee, past-president of the scientific committee of ARSEP (French multiple sclerosis association for research), member of  International Progressive MS Alliance Scientific Steering Committee. She is elected chair for the 2022 Gordon Research Conference on myelin.

Her clinical activity is mainly dedicated to multiple sclerosis patients, with the coordination of the Salpêtrière MS clinic, associating care of a very large active file of patients and clinical research activity.

She leads, together with Pr Bruno Stankoff, a research group in the Paris Brain Institute, which general aim is to develop strategies to prevent neurodegeneration and reduce disability progression in multiple sclerosis patients, by combining basic sciences of neuroglial cells, identification of pro-myelinating candidates,  imaging of myelin loss and repair, and early phases trials.