The Newsom-Davis Lecture

The Immunology Lecture

The Rita Levi-Montalcini Neurobiology Lecture

The Dale McFarlin Lecture

Plenary Sessions

Brain-Immune system interactions in physiological conditions

Regeneration and neuroimmunomodulation

Neuroimmunology of neurodegenerative diseases and ageing

Neuroimmunology of CNS demyelinating disorders

Parallel Sessions

Dialog between astrocytes and microglia in neuroimmunology

Parasites and neuroinflammation

Antibody-mediated diseases: new targets and new mechanisms

Barriers of the CNS: actors in neuroinflammation

Autoimmune neurological disorders (other than MS)

Viruses and neuroinflammation

Neurons as active players in neuroinflammation

Peripheral nervous system: a central target of neuroinflammation

Gut microbiota and CNS inflammation

Drainage and immunosurveillance of the CNS

Multi-omics in Neuroimmunology

Immunopsychiatry: is it a nascent field?


T cell immunity in AD, Parkinson and ALS: do they really play a role?

Modeling neuroinflammation using IPSC, organoids and animal models

Single cell analyses in neuroimmunology: essential or overrated?

Immunomodulation and remyelination

Does our food affect our brain via the immune system?

Brain ageing: impact of immunity and infection

Immuno-ophtahlmology: an integral aspect of neuroimmunology

Sex, chromosomes, and hormones in neuroimmunology

Behavior and immunity

Neural inflammation and pain

Immunology in neuro-oncology

Myasthenia Gravis

Checkpoint inhibitors and neuroinflammation

Diversity of brain myeloid cells

Metabolism in Neuroimmunology

Tissue-resident T cells in CNS inflammation