You won’t want to miss it!

  • ISNI recognises your research

    The 10 best poster presentations will be awarded US$1,200 each.

    The 10 best oral presentations will be awarded US$1,200 each.

    The abstract awards will be given based on an unquestionable judgement by the scientific committee (composed of the LOC and the ISNI board). The criteria are:

    1. Level
    2. Quality
    3. Clarity

    Submit your abstract today.

  • Don’t miss a single word

    Everyday the three attendees who has followed most of the program will be awarded with US$ 300. It will be calculated by who has the longest connection time and most movement on the platform.

  • And the kids?

    If you have kids at home ISNI will help you with the cost of a babysitter. You can receive a contribute for up to US$80 a day. Please send your request to writing why you should receive the contribution. The payment will be done after the event and you will have to have been connected and active in order to receive the award. Up to 10 rewards.

Print me and hang me up!