Dr. Chao Wang PhD
Canada Research Chair, Tier 2,
Immunometabolism in Neuroinflammation
Scientist, Biological Sciences Platform,
Sunnybrook Research Institute
Assistant Professor,
Department of Immunology,
University of Toronto
Toronto (ON), Canada

Dr. Wang is a Canada Research Chair in Immunometabolism in Neuroinflammation at Sunnybrook Research Institute and University of Toronto. She did her PhD training with Dr. Tania Watts at the University of Toronto where she studied the regulation of T cell responses in viral immunity. She subsequently  trained with Dr. Vijay Kuchroo at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in neuroimmunology. Dr. Wang’s lab is interested in understanding the molecular and cellular crosstalk between the immune system and the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis underlying health and disease.