Dr. Naomi Habib PhD
Goren-Khazzam Lecturer in Brain Sciences
Edmond and Lily Safra Center for Brain Sciences (ELSC)
Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Jerusalem, Israel

Dr. Habib is a computational neuroscientist with broad interdisciplinary training and extensive experience in computational biology, genomics and genome engineering. She joined the center for brain sciences at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, as an assistant professor (senior lecturer) in August 2018. The Habib lab focuses on elucidating cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying ageing-related brain pathologies, mainly Alzheimer’s Disease, and how the crosstalk with the aging body and the immune system contributes to disease progression. They are applying cutting edge technologies and computational models to chart molecular alterations in aging and Alzheimer’s brains, and developing new technologies to interrogate the aging brain. Dr. Habib obtained her PhD in computational biology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, working with Prof. Nir Friedman and Prof. Hanah Margalit. Naomi then undertook postdoctoral fellowship, at the Broad Institute of MIT/Harvard working, with Prof. Feng Zhang and Prof. Aviv Regev, where she led the development of the single nucleus RNA-sequencing technologies and took part in a team effort to develop the transformative CRISPR/Cas9 genome engineering technologies. Dr. Habib wan several prestigious awards and grants during her career, including an HHMI fellow for the Howard Hay Whitney fellowship, an Alon fellowship and an ERC starting grant.