Prof. Marina Lynch BSc, MSc, PhD
Trinity College Institute of Neuroscience
Trinity College Dublin
Dublin, Ireland

Marina Lynch graduated with a PhD from Trinity College Dublin (TCD) in 1980, received her post-graduate training in King’s College London and in the National Institute of Medical Research (London) and appointed to the School of Medicine in Triniry College Dublin in 1992, where she has held a personal chair in Cellular Neuroscience since 2006. She has published more than 250 scientific papers and supervised 42 PhD students and >50 post-doctoral fellows. For the past several years, her research group has focused on understanding the biology of microglia and assessing how these cells drive the neuroinflammation that occurs in age and in models of Alzheimer’s disease.  In the past few years, the focus of the group has turned to evaluating the link between microglial metabolism and phenotype and have uncovered significant sex-related differences.