Dr. V. Wee Yong

Dr. Wee Yong is a Professor at the University of Calgary. His research interests in neuroimmunology are guided by multiple sclerosis, glioblastoma and intracerebral hemorrhage. His bench results have been translated into eight clinical trials. Dr. Yong has published 390 manuscripts which have been cited >39,000 times (h-index of 112). He has mentored over 30 trainees who are professors at universities worldwide. Dr. Yong has been the President of the International Society of Neuroimmunology, and he continues to co-direct its Americas and Global Schools. Dr. Yong is an elected fellow of the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences and the Royal Society of Canada. He is a recipient of the Allyn Taylor International Prize in Medicine. Dr. Yong was profiled in the August 2021 issue of Lancet Neurology.