Prof. Ari Waisman PhD
University Medical Center of the Johannes Gutenberg University
Institute for Molecular Medicine
Mainz, Germany

Ari Waisman received his PhD in the Department of Chemical Immunology at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot Israel, at the lab of Edna Mozes. He was trained in the labs of Lawrence Steinman (Rehovot/Stanford) and Klaus Rajewsky (Cologne). In 2001 he became an independent group leader in the Institute of Genetics in Cologne where he continued to study autoimmunity using the technique of conditional gene targeting. In April 2005 he moved to Mainz as he was nominated as an associated professor for Pathophysiology. In 2010 he became the Head of the Institute for Molecular Medicine in the University Medical Center Mainz. He organized various international conferences, including the ISNI 2014 in Mainz. He was also the coordinator of various collaborative grants in the European and German levels and is currently spoke person for the Transregional Collaborative Research Center 355 that focus on the role of regulatory T cells in the tissue.

His research focus is the molecular mechanisms leading to autoimmune inflammation.  In his research, Dr. Waisman uses mouse models for multiple sclerosis, psoriasis and colitis, focusing on pathogenic T cells and their regulation.